The Kickstarter has ended, but we're not done yet! We will continue to develop the 8Rlicht.

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UPDATE: Handsfree direction indication and more...

Together with bicycle lighting manufacturer Spanninga we are working hard to make bicycles smarter and safer. We were on stage at TEDx Zwolle with a smart bike concept that not only included our smart taillight, but it also has an automated headlight and front direction indicators. This means you no longer have to take your hands of the handlebar to indicate your direction. The bike can also make a considerable contribution to a cleaner and healthier city in a surprising new way...

The safest taillight ever

With 85 LEDS you will have good visibility from behind and from the sides, without blinding other traffic. The 8Rlicht smart taillight is fully automatic and switches on and off based on time and ambient light levels. But the smart taillight is also a braking light that warns other traffic when you suddenly brake. The 8Rlicht also has a special “active reflector” feature that supports the normal reflector with 80 LEDS that will light up for a short period.

Direction indicator

The 8Rlicht has a direction indicator. This greatly improves your safety in traffic and makes sure that everyone behind you will know which direction you’re heading. The indicator can be controlled with the app or the remote.

Find your bicycle without searching for it

With the 8Rlicht it’s easy to find your bicycle. You can use the app on you smartphone or the remote to find it. If you have the 8Rlicht app the 8Rlicht will start blinking automatically when you get in range of your bicycle, even if your phone is in your pocket. Just grab your bicycle and you’re off. If you still can’t find your bike you can use the app to activate the buzzer in the 8Rlicht.

Safety features

The 8Rlicht will warn other traffic when you fall. A lot of bicycle accidents are caused because people fall of their bikes. If you are laying on the ground after a fall from you bike you’re less visible for other traffic, especially SUVs, busses and trucks. That’s why the taillight will warn other traffic with light and sound when you fall.

We are cooperating with organizations for deaf and hearing impaired people on animations for the 8Rlicht that make you safer in traffic. You can also use other warnings. Like for instance a warning that you have a child in the front seat. This way other traffic can take it in account.

LED display

You can use the LED display to show your own text, images and animations. A fun way to get extra attention for your company, club or website. You should be careful with these functions because your safety should always be top priority. We advise you to only use moving animations during the day and to switch to stationary images when it’s dark. You’ll also get a warning when your animation is unsafe because it’s not light enough or if it has blinking patterns.

No smartphone needed

All the safety features can be used without a smartphone. You can use the remote of the 8Rlicht to use most of the functions. You can also choose between images and animations for your taillight. Your can even automatically set different animations for during the day and night. If you do have a compatible smartphone you can also use all the features below!

Anti-theft alarm

The 8Rlicht smart taillight has an automatic anti-theft alarm. The alarm is automatically armed when you walk away from your bike and disarmed when you come in range of your bike. If someone else moves your bicycle or starts fiddling with the taillight the alarm will go off. If your smartphone’s battery is empty or if you forgot your smartphone, then you can disarm the alarm by entering a 3 digit code. The smart taillight also has a silent alarm function that can be used by authorities to contact you by email if your bike was removed because of incorrect parking, or if it was found back after it was stolen. We do protect your privacy: the 8Rlicht only transmits an encrypted serial number.

8Rlicht app

In the 8Rlicht app you can draw images with the built-in editor and use them on the 8Rlicht display. You can for instance use your initials to personalize your bicycle. The 8Rlicht app has a dashboard view. On the dashboard you can get an overview of data from both the taillight and sensors in your phone. Among other things, the dashboard has a calorie counter and cadence gauge based on sensors in the smart taillight. You can also quickly select previously made animations, images and text. We will make the communication with the smart taillight open to enable third party app builders to integrate the 8Rlicht taillight in their apps. With a bit of luck you will be able to use the 8Rlicht with your favorite cycling app.

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